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Based in Columbus, NM 


Taking a step back to reassess our business model and waiting out the heat! The one component that we will not be changing is Private Parties and Private Venues! 

GG & Mustang

Gringo Grub is New Mexican Street Food.  Just don't call us Tex-Mex and we will be just fine! Much of the food is made and served as you would find it walking down a street along the border -- corn tortillas warmed on an open flame and meat marinated or seasoned on the grill.  The pork is slow cooked or smoked with the typical spices used along the border.  Spicy?  Not a chance!  We're about flavor, not about who has the biggest cojones!  But, for those of you who need to burn your taste buds off, we do offer a variety of hot sauces on board. Yes, Home for us is still the Wild Wild West, Columbus, NM! Gringo Grub does a lunch, dinner and late night service. Agave is owned by Frances  and provides a great fresh breakfast.