Gringo Grub

Gringo Tested! Mexican Approved!

Please check your triggers and sensitivities at the door! You know the three things that your mama told you not to talk about? Be sure that we will be talking about them as we cook your food. We discriminate against no one. So everyone has the equal opportunity to be offended but also enjoy and damn fabulous TACO!


Gringo Grub is Mexican/New Mexican Street Food. Just don't call us Tex-Mex and we will be just fine! Our tacos are made and served as you would find them walking down a street along the border — corn tortillas warmed on an open flame and meat marinated or seasoned on the grill. The pork is slow cooked with the typical spices used along the border. Spicy? Not a chance! We're about flavor, not about who has the biggest cojones! But, for those of you who need to burn your tastebuds off, we do offer a variety of hot sauces on board.

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We try hard to not use products from a BOX, BAG, or CAN. There are a few exceptions - You know that yummy cheese thats on the nachos? That's right, it's from a can! There is no way that we can produce such a good tasting, coma inducing flavor without the chemicals in that stuff. Our other product that is out of a JAR is the Green Chile that is packed and shipped from New Mexico. If you can grow it and make it as tasty as they do in New Mexico, you will be our new vendor!

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Our business is made up of one Gringo and one Mexican. Can you tell them apart? Most people can't!


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