Gringo Grub

Gringo Tested! Mexican Approved!

So for you that don't know what a Gringo is let me define it for you! A Gringo is a white person that has moved into an area that is populated by Mexicans. The expression was started when the "Punitive Expedition, U.S. Army" led by General Pershing was attempting to capture Pancho Villa (1916) after the raid on Camp Furlong in Columbus, NM. Pershing led his troops into Mexico. The Mexicans would say to the U.S. Troops Green GO Home in references to the green uniforms of the US Army. Many people consider this the first major attack on U.S. soil! So Gringo means WHITE! Grub means FOOD! So with this said we are not taco truck!!! We are a Gringo truck with the flavors of Mexico/New Mexico.

You are correct! Some old white man that is
retired living on the border!

(Gringos may vary)